Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi

The Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Series was created by Professor Lin Hou Sheng from China. Part 1, 18 movements (Shi Ba Shi) was created in 1979. Part 2, 18 movements, was created in 1988. Four more Tai Chi Qigong 18 movement sets were created in the 1990’s. Professor Lin’s best selling book, Qi Gong is the Answer to Health, was first published in 1985 in China. The movements are done slowly, gently, and deliberately. Deep breathing is coordinated carefully with each movement sequence. There is little or no movement of the feet. Suitable for persons of all ages. A number of the hand movements are similar to those used in Yang style Taijiquan.

Part 1, Eighteen Movements (Shibashi) Qigong, Tai Chi Qigong

  1. Awakening the Qi
  2. Opening the Chest
  3. Painting the Rainbow
  4. Separating the Clouds
  5. Cycling the Arms
  6. Paddle a Boat
  7. Lifting the Sun
  8. Turn the Body and Look at the Moon
  9. Push the Palms
  10. Rolling Tai Ji
  11. Lift and Spray the Water
  12. Push the Wave
  13. Let the Dove Free
  14. Punching the Mud
  15. Flying Wild Goose
  16. Hug and Swing the Sun
  17. Bounce the Ball
  18. Quieting the Qi

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