Swinging Arms Exercise

Swinging both arms forwards and backwards, or from side to side, is a very popular martial arts warm up exercise, qigong exercise, and Taiji warmup exercise. There are numerous versions of this warm up exercise. Swinging Arms (Bai Bi) forward and back, or Swinging Hands (Swai Shou) from side to side are the most popular versions of this exercise.

Swinging Arms: Bibliography, Links, Quotations, Lessons

Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body: Chi Gung for Lifelong Health (Tao of Energy Enhancement). By Bruce Kumar Frantzis. Illustrated by Husky Grafx. North Atlantic Books, 1993. Second Edition. 174 pages. ISBN: 1556431643. VSCL. Master Frantzis teaches three swinging hands (Swai Shou) movements. The First Swing is precisely explained and illustrated on pages 181-187. The Second Swing is explained on pages 188-199. The Third Swing is explained on pages 200-213. Jacob Newell, Old Oak Taiji School, Sonoma County, California, provided us with a demonstration of Swinging Arms on UTube.