Self-Correction Through Training

In the smallest movement, the willing of falling into the ground, softening of the joints and the appreciation of the vertical relationship to the ground is strictly necessary to the ability of energy to circulate entirely

P Ralston

Weight in motion creates change

J Aston

There’s the principles of resting-in and supporting in solo work and connection. Sometimes it feels as if there is too much leaning and putting an unbalanced load into your partner. Approach this defect with the idea of draining from the contact points without losing connection. Couple this with ‘Hand Up, Me Down’. Refine the ground path draining downwards and see if you can get below the ground simply by adherence to this.

What is hand up, me down? Raise the hand. Just the hand. As it spirals up, relax the body. Let it drop downwards. The downwards movement raises the hand. Now the hand continues it’s spiraling up. Wave goodbye to your hand. It is released to the air as the body sinks below. It raises of it’s own accord. This is the principle called hand up, me down.

by OldtaichiGuy on April 3, 2012