Internal practice requires awareness

For the internal practices to be truly beneficial it requires us to be intimately aware. If that is too difficult it is then time to take a nap or go to sleep. Our awareness should feel effortless! The purpose of the three harmonies is to facilitate it. In review, harmonize the body by placing it in a comfortable position. I would personally characterize a comfortable position as active/alert relaxation. Much like a cat who appears asleep but can spring up at a moments notice. Second, harmonize the breath by letting it be smooth and natural. Breathing is an activity can only be done in the present moment. Use it as a point of focus to help accomplish the third harmony or harmony of the mind. Let the mind be like the breath smooth and natural. If you find yourself reviewing the past or planning the future just return the awareness on the breath again. Awareness is also like a spectrum and I like to use light bulbs as an analogy. The type of awareness for the internal arts is more like an incandescent bulb with isn’t really hot or intensely bright but lights up the whole room. In contrast to a spot-light which is very hot and intense and only lights up a small radius. Both types of awareness/focus are important at the appropriate times but we in the West tend to use the spot-light awareness which if used extensively can leak ones energy away needlessly.