Walt posted this over at a Plainly Hidden View. Below is an excerpt. The whole post may be read here. Upright, firm and collected – these are the three marks of that posture which is typical of the Japanese who knows how to stand, and taken together, show the presence of Hara. Modern man in his self-assurance holds too strongly to what he believes is his by his own efforts. Not only does he not hesitate to attract attention to himself but he even emphasizes his “persona.” This means that he lacks the wise restraint suitable both in social life and toward those greater forces which are present everywhere and which may suddenly fall on him and attack him. Regarding these, man is better prepared either to ward them off or deliberately to let them in, if the deep-centeredness of the soul-body posture at least counterbalances the outward thrust and striving of the mind or, better still, slightly preponderates over it. For avoiding all postures emphasizing the ego the Japanese has one sure remedy – his firm Hara.

– excerpted from Hara, The Vital Center Of Man, by Karlfried Graf Durkheim