Gleaning's from Ha Sifu

This weekend is the Ha Sifu workshop for Daoyin Chuan. Seems to be a feeling of excitement surrounding the workshop this year. Looking at those attending it appears to be a more intermediate/advanced group. Some are martial artists from different styles, even external arts. We are all looking forward to learning from a master this weekend.

Friday Night

First thing Sifu Fong Ha reminded me is that to learn others’ center is to discover my own. A lesson that he has been teaching me for years.

  • It is all about equilibrium (dong jing).

  • Best way to feel/learn equilibrium is to be as you are, especially in stillness.

  • Small and slow is best to maintain awareness of equilibrium.

  • Always touch the equilibrium and never the weight of others.

  • Do not allow other’s to put the weight on you.

  • During zhan zhuang be aware of how your body achieves and maintains equilibrium. How you body doesn’t fall down.

Simple lessons but for me a little challenging in overcoming old habits and maintaining the feeling.


  • Get really good at the ordinary to become extraordinary. Meaning standing and walking.

  • Some walk with coins on the feet. Even tea cups full of water.

  • In push-hands remain connected, no separation.

  • In push-hands, touch is to remain light (like touching an iron-hot steel) and in-touch with equilibrium and not the weight.

  • In push-hands, allow both yourself and partner to reach equilibrium before expanding from the center.

Note: This post is organic. It will be changing and growing over then next few days.