Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung

from Cloud Hands by noreply@blogger.com (Michael P. Garofalo)

I frequently teach the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung exercise and fitness routine and related Taoist healthy living concepts in my Taijiquan class and my yoga class. This fitness routine has a varied and long history with ancient roots in the Animal Frolics Dao-yin exercises back to 200 CE. Its movements have some military connections.

Back in 2002, I created the webpage titled: The Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung.

The Ba Duan Jin Qigong form includes eight basic exercises to help you keep limber. There are opportunities for squatting movements and postures to strengthen the legs. The entire Eight Beautiful Tapestries Chi Kung form is done while standing.

There are numerous versions of this popular Chi Kung form. There are many good books and DVDs to choose from on this topic. My webpage includes a long bibliography on the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung, resources, links, videos, books, DVDs on the subject. I make a number of comments about the on the movement variations, physical training targets, and breathing patterns.

I give my own version with fairly detailed comments on each of the eight movements. Here is my one page class handout about the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung.