Taiji Practice for Beginners

“In order to learn Taiji well, the first requirement must be diligence and perseverance. Taiji classics state: “Without perseverance there can be no gain” and “Learning Taiji is like rowing a boat against the flow of water; if you do not go forward, you will drift back.” In order to glimpse the full wonder of Taiji and to attain a high level of skill, one must possess a will to carry on despite hardships, setbacks, frustration and boredom. From the beginning, students must be willing to commit themselves to a long-term goal and be patient during the process of achieving that goal. The process of learning takes time, and the necessary length of time must be allowed to understand the content of the teaching. One will not succeed if focus is only on the final product.”

Chen Style Taijiquan: The Source of Taiji Boxing, Sim and Gaffney 2002: 212