Fall 2008 Workshop

We will practice the Zhan Zhuang standing meditation. Learn movements from Taiji (Traditional Yang style) and Yiquan, by applying the three steps of cultivation, manifestation, and utilization we will see how one can turn simple movement into refined skill.

  • Ba Duan Jin – Eight Pieces of the Brocade
  • Yi Jin Jing – Muscle/Sinew Changing Exercises
  • Taiji Ruler – Bring your rulers
  • Effortless Push Hands

Sifu Fong Ha started his formal training in Tai Chi Chuan in 1953 first with Master Tung Ying-Chieh and after his death with Master Yang Sau-Chung, the eldest son of the legendary Yang Cheng-fu. His training in the Internal System of Martial Arts, Yiquan, was with Master Han Xing-Yuan, a disciple of Master Wang Hsin-Chai, the founder of Yiquan also known as Dachenquan. Sifu Ha is famous for his simple and clear way of teaching. He emphasizes the classic and the fundamental principles of Taiji. In this way the practitioner develops deep understanding of the art. He develops internal power that project outward into his everyday life.

Location and Times

  • Comfort Inn & Suites at 2437 S. Wildcat Way, Woods Cross, UT 84010
  • Sept. 26 -27, 2008
  • Friday, Sept. 26 at 7:00PM
  • Saturday, Sept. 27 at 9AM


  • $100 paid in advance
  • $130 on the day of the event ($30 for Friday/$100 for Saturday)
  • Make checks out to Don Stringham